4M 月球投影仪(Moon Torch Projector)


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使用这款方便的 4M Kidz Labs Moon Torch 套件享受数小时的乐趣。 使用这款方便的月球手电筒,将月光之美投射到任何地方。 在晚上或在黑暗的房间里打开手电筒并将其指向墙壁和天花板就看到月亮。


Enjoy hours of fun with this handy 4M Kidz Labs Moon Torch Kit. Carry the beauty of moonlight and project it anywhere with this convenient moon torch. Turn on and point the torch at walls and ceilings at night or in dark rooms to see the moon. Power the torch with 3 AG13 button batteries included with the torch. All of the parts are made of safe, high quality materials. This set is recommended for ages 5 years and up.

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